Career advices

Resume tips that will make your resume standout

Employers often receive a number of resumes for a job. Among these numerous resumes, only those standing out ones get short listed. Resume provides quick one paged overview of your achievements. They are often scanned then either put aside or studied more carefully depending upon the matching criteria. Clear, concise and to the point resume gets you noticed quickly among the pool of resumes. These tips help you make your resume standout.

Last minute tips for job interview

Even if you have prepared yourself very well for an interview, 90% of the message you are sending in the interview accounts for non-verbal communications. These simple last minute tips help you for your next job interview.

What career is right for you?

Career is very important thing in human’s life. Everybody in our society is known by their profession, the type of work they have. Some are doing good in their profession and are renown in their field whereas others are unsatisfied in their profession. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the work comes along with the career we choose. So, decision of our career should be made thoughtfully.