Resume tips that will make your resume standout

Employers often receive a number of resumes for a job. Among these numerous resumes, only those standing out ones get short listed. Resume provides quick one paged overview of your achievements. They are often scanned then either put aside or studied more carefully depending upon the matching criteria. Clear, concise and to the point resume gets you noticed quickly among the pool of resumes. These tips help you make your resume standout.

Achievement oriented

Resume is basically a document that is used to advertise your achievement and sell your service to the potential employer. You should clearly include your past jobs in reverse chronological order. Your past jobs should also include the achievement and how you have helped your previous employers achieve what they want. If you have contributed more beyond their expectations, you should also clearly indicate these points. For example, if you are a sales person and you had made more sales than that was expected from you, this is the kind achievement you want to highlight. If you we are promoted to a higher position in your last job, it is also an achievement you should include.

If you do not have previous work experience, it is very important to highlight the job related extra curricular activities you had done during your studies. For example, if you are applying for an internship position with some management responsibilities. During your studies if you had been engaged in some social and community building activities then you should clearly highlight your social and community building activities that shows your team player ability. This is a desired trait for a management role.

Job specific resume

Effective resumes are those that are tailored for a specific job. Often we have a single resume that we use to apply for various positions. The problem with this kind of generic resume is that, it might work some time and some times it might not. For example, in your generic resume you have highlighted your achievements as a sales person. This resume might work in your favor if you are applying for a sales related position but it might not work that effectively if you are to apply for other positions. It does not mean your resume should have false information but you should include relevant information regarding the job description. As an example, if you are applying for a position where no management role is expected from you, you don’t need to highlight the management activities you have achieved in the past. On the contrary for a role with management responsibilities you will have to highlight all the management related achievement, trainings and education.

Avoid unnecessary information

Employers often have only time to scan resumes before actually reading them in details, so try to avoid unnecessary and non related information. Some resume have unnecessary information that are not coherent to the position that they are applying for. These type of resume not only makes your resume longer but also increases the chances of rejection. To avoid these unnecessary information you have to always think from the point of view of the perspective employer. When highlighting your points always think how it is related to the current position. For example, highlighting information about the achievements, you have made as a Sales agent is not necessary and when you are applying for a Web Designer. Remember that employers are always trying to relate the points you have in your resume with the new job responsibilities.

Finally, show your new resume to your family and friends and let them give you feedback. These kind of feedback often help you to see the points you have missed out or the mistakes like typo. Use these feedbacks to fine tune your resume before actually sending it to employer.