What career is right for you ?

Career is very important thing in human’s life. Everybody in our society is known by their profession, the type of work they have. Some are doing good in their profession and are renown in their field whereas others are unsatisfied in their profession. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the work comes along with the career we choose. So, decision of our career should be made thoughtfully.

There are different types of people. Some are studying, some are already working where as some are busy with the daily household activities. These all people want the good beginning of their life. Good life comes after good work. To work good we need to choose good career. Student life is the most precious time of human life. Most of the people choose their career after they complete their study. Some start their career after (+2) High school, some after their graduation.

After completion of High school, people have more opportunities and they can choose their career as they want. But one should not forget many open doors make more confusing ( hard to choose ). Some people choose the right door at the right time whereas others are unable to choose the right one. One should always choose the career which is good for them. It is not easy to choose the career. So we should always make a research in the area where we want to go. For example: If we want to study medicine, we can talk with the person who has already studied medicine. We can ask her/him about the study, the dedication during the study period as well as the financial cost. We can evaluate her/his answers and decide if we can go ahead or not in this career. Once we choose our career we should also think not to move back. We should be dedicated and work hard, so that we can get good result.

After graduation, most of the people want to work in their profession. But after the job search and reviewing the job criteria many graduates realize that they have chosen the wrong career. This was not the career they want. But this is not always true. People are unhappy about their career because study and experience do not match the job vacancy. For this, one can take a job specific training after the study. One can do paid or even unpaid internship and get the experience in real working field. In this way, people can try to fulfill the job criteria.

There are some people who have already chosen their career and started to work. Even after choosing the good career and good income these people are still unsatisfied by their work. Un satisfaction can be due to lack of work experience. Sometimes may be the colleagues are more experienced than her/him. To get rid of this situation, one can take job specific trainings. They can study about the job responsibilities and try to analyze which factor makes them to lag behind. After identifying the factors one can improve on these points by studying, obtaining training ,workshops or consulting fellow colleagues.

Sometimes the working environment can also influence our career. When the colleagues are unfriendly and we hesitate to talk with them. In this situation, the work becomes more difficult and people try to think that they have chosen the wrong career. This is not true. People should always handle the situation peacefully. They can take the mediation course, they can attend seminars about how to work in office, how to talk to the people with different behavior, how to talk in a open way. We can also take personal development trainings which can help us to improve our personality.

Sometimes the low paid salary become the main reason of unsatisfied career. One has to always remember the result of hard work and dedication the professional gives to good result at the end.

Guardians or parents are always worried about their children’s career. They want their children work in a good field also earn good. Some parents force their child to choose the procession that they are not interested because they think the people are highly paid in this profession. Guardians should always think about their children and always encourage them to the career they are interested in. They can help their children to choose the right career by making them attend in different seminars and trainings. Create good atmosphere so that they can choose their career in a peaceful way.

Despite being well educated, there are many people who are unemployed. There might be many reason behind these unemployment. Career break, not finding suitable employment even after completing educations are some of the examples. In different stages of life people take career breaks like parental break. It is often not easy to come back to one’s career after these breaks especially when the break is longer. In todays working environment where new technologies are constantly changing and being refined, one need to keep (her/him)self constantly updated to catch up with these career gaps. One can keep (her/him)self updated by reading the journals, periodicals related to similar field or attending workshops, seminars. namastejob.com provides various workshops and seminars, you can check here to find out more. Various personal development workshops and seminars also help you to stay motivated and eventually help you to land on your dream job.