Last minute tips for job interview

There are often many applicants for a job interview. Selecting among these candidates is not always easy for an employer. Employer often pick candidates for an interview based on their Resume, so they already have some information about the candidate they are interviewing. Job interview is an assessment to check if the candidate is a good match for the position.

In a job interview, employer tries to observe if the candidate will be able to fulfill their responsibilities. Not only technical knowledge but also social skills are equally important characters that an employer wants to see in a candidate. It is normal for candidate to feel uneasy during a job interview. This uneasy feeling comes because of unpreparedness, lack of experience and many other factors. There are many techniques to minimize this uneasiness. These simple techniques can help you to prepare for an interview during the last minutes.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success ~ Alexander Graham Bell

As Alexander Graham Bell points out preparation is the key to success, from preparation we develop the self-confidence and from self confidence the uneasy feeling or nervousness can be minimized. Weather it is preparing what clothes to wear during the interview or preparing for difficult questions, preparing ahead always pays off.

Prepare for possible interview questions

Familiarizing ourselves with potential questions is the first step for a successful job interview. Employers might want to know about our previous work experience, studies or our achievements. Although, we are well acquainted with the answers to these easy questions, rehearsing the answers to these questions often pays off. If we practice beforehand, we will know which points to include or which points to leave out. We can start with a simple list of things with possible answers for each questions and work on them. Making a list or writing the answers often help us express ourselves more clearly and confidently.

Beside these simple questions, we can look the job description more carefully for job specific questions. A good job descriptions often reveal a lot of potential interview questions and what is expected of you.

Know your potential employer

It is common to be focused on the basic and job specific questions but knowing about the potential employer is also significant factor, that is often overlooked. A good job description provides short introduction about the employer, which is enough for most of the times, but doing a little bit of homework on finding out more about the employer always puts you ahead. Answering basic questions like Why do they exist? What are they trying to achieve? How can I help them? helps you to see the employer from another perspective.

Dress well

We all are aware of the importance of proper clean clothes that suit the occasion. Proper dressing is very important for job interviews, because even before you start the conversation, employer already has an impression about you based on the way you are dressed. It is said that first impression makes a last impression, so we have to make it work in favor for us. We should dress professionally, appropriate to the position to which we have applied. In most of the cases “Suit” is considered as appropriate dress for an interview. We should also keep in mind that the dress we wear does not make us feel uncomfortable , we don't want to think about the dress we wear during an interview. Dark colored dress are considered more professionals as opposed to light ones. Make sure to have fresh breath, before leaving for an interview shower or bathe and brush your teeth. If possible don’t smoke before an interview. Your head should be neat, clean and well bushed.

These simple and easy tips are few of the many tips you can do to prepare for your next interview. Other techniques include mediating, eating light before an interview. It is a duty of an employer to make the candidate feel relaxed before the interview. Often good employers do so by having a small talk or offering the candidates some drinks before the actual interview.