Top 5 highest paying jobs in Nepal

Top 5 highest paying jobs in Nepal

Are you in the final years of your school and thinking about what the best jobs in Nepal currently are? We have gathered a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Nepal. We hope this will help you find a career path that is suitable for you.


Management professionals


At number 1 of the top jobs in Nepal, we have management professionals.

Top Jobs in Nepal - management professionals


In an organization, there are several projects involved. Inside each of those projects, there are several processes. Management professionals are responsible for managing these processes. These processes involve both inside and outside processes of the organization.


To become a management professional you’ll need to study management/commerce/finance. Besides education, previous working experience working in a related field is often sought. This job requires one to communicate with different people. One is responsible for the formulation of concept to overseeing of the execution. Depending upon the type of organization your roles and responsibilities may vary. Other days to day things you’ll have to address as a manager are topics like conflict management. risk analysis.


Starting salary: approx. 30,000 Nepalese Rupee (NRP)

Average salary: approx. 400,000 + NRP

Investment Bankers

At number 4 in our list of top jobs in Nepal, we have Investment bankers.

Top jobs in Nepal - Investment bankers

Investment bankers are experts who specialize in investing. They are responsible for seeing the opportunities where banks can invest so that the bank can gain high margin profit.

To choose this career path you'll need to study Commerce / Finance / Economics / Investment.


Starting salary: approx. 40,000 NRP

Average salary: approx. 150,000 + NRP


Aviation professionals

At number 3 in our list of top 5 jobs in Nepal, we have  Aviation professionals.

Top jobs in Nepal - Aviation Professionals

The aviation industry is also among one of the highest-paid industries in Nepal. With a lot of emerging private Airlines, the opportunities are also raising.

To choose aviation as a career path you will need to study science and later move to aviation or engineering. 


Starting salary: approx. 50,000 NRP

Average salary: approx. 100,000 + NRP


Medical professional

At number 4 of top jobs in Nepal, we have Medical professionals. In medical professionals, we have doctors, nurses and other health workers.

Top jobs in Nepal - medical professionals


The starting salary of medical professionals (General Physicians) in Nepal start from 30,000 and go up to 80,000. Whereas Specialists enjoy a starting salary of 80,000 which can go as high as 250,000 NRP. However, for Nurses the starting salary starts from 8,000 which can go up to 20,000 depending upon the experience.

To choose this career path you will need to choose biology as your major in school and then after high school you can join the medical college.


Starting salary: approx. 20,000

Average salary: 70,000 + NRP


IT professionals

At number 5 of our top jobs in Nepal, we have IT, professionals.

Top Jobs in Nepal - IT professionals

The demand for IT professionals is ever increasing worldwide and the situation in Nepal is not different. As an IT graduate starting salary ranges from as low as 10,000 NRP depending upon the company. But this figure changes as you have more experience.


To choose this career path you’ll need to study science in high-school and later join the engineering college.


Starting salary: approx. 15,000 NRP

Average salary: 50,000 + NRP


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