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NGO INGO (Social Work)

Consultant – To provide Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Training

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Consultant – To provide Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Training


Trafficking in Persons (TIP) is a global problem that is multidimensional and multisectoral and thus is a complex issue that requires multi-disciplinary solutions with many stakeholders. Nepal is a source, transit, and destination country for sex, labor, and organ trafficking. The 2018 “Walk Free Foundations Global Slavery Index” revealed that two-third out of 40.3 million people around the world who have been living under the modern slavery are in Asia and the Pacific. Out of them 70 percent are women and girls. According to that data 6 percent of total population of Nepal are compelled to live under modern slavery (Walk Free Foundations Global Slavery Index can be accessed here). The Hamro Samman project is a five-year program generously supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the British people through the United Kingdom’s UK Aid and implemented by Winrock International. It seeks to build the capacity of and facilitate coordination among the Government of Nepal (GON), civil society, and private sector to combat human trafficking in Nepal.


The Hamro Samman Project is seeking GESI trainer to deliver GESI training for Hamro Samman team and partner’s staff. Hamro Samman consider GESI as a cross-cutting theme under three objectives using the 4P approach (prevention, protection, prosecutions & partnership):

1.  Strengthened Federal, Provincial and Local GoN Efforts to Combat TIP

2.  Strengthened Federal, Provincial and Local GoN Efforts to Combat TIP

3.  Increase Private Sector Partnerships (PSPs) to Service TIP Survivors and At-Risk Population. The project expect GESI should be mainstreaming in program planning, implementation, and monitoring. GESI understanding and capacity of the staff is one of the influential factors for GESI mainstreaming in programming. Project mid-term evaluation identified staff capacity gaps on GESI for critical understanding and internalization of GESI through conscientization. The report further elaborates there is little reflection on GESI principle and transformative approach in program implementation.

The purpose of this assignment is to build capacity development of HS team and partner’s staff on GESI basic concept and it importance in Anti-human trafficking intervention, GESI transformative approach, GESI responsive planning and implementation. Additionally, staff need to equip on social norms transformation, attitude/behavior change, challenge harmful gender norms, and men engage approach to bring positive change and transformation. The TOR requires a qualified consultant who has in-depth understanding of gender equality, historical perspective on social exclusion/inclusion and who can be mindful regarding GESI analysis, power dynamic and its impacts on programming.


The Consultant will undertake the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop a contains and PPT slides package for GESI training on the above mention topics in overview.
  • Deliver two events (two-day training session) to HS and partner staff.
  • Provide a constructive report after delivery of training sessions.


This will be fixed term deliverables-based consultant contract. The expected date of this consultancy will be last week of August or early September 2021. The consultancy period will be one week, and tentative breakdown of the days is as follow:

S N Deliverable Days
1 Preparation contains and PPT slides 2 Days
2 Delivery training session 4 Days
3 Report preparation and submission 1 Days

Depending on the COVID situation, we will decide on the training venue, whether it will be virtually or physically as per government guidelines.


Education:  Minimum a master’s degree in Gender/Women’s study/social science related field

Technical:  Good theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding on GESI, gender and social norms, GESI concerns on CTIP and foreign labor migration, men engage approach.


  • The applicant must have extensive experiences on developing and delivering the content and training on GESI, GESI issues in human trafficking, gender and power relation and gender transformative approach
  • The applicant must have extensive knowledge on gender, GBV, intersectionality, social exclusion and inclusion, and related laws and policy.
  • Capacity to present the content in clear way to the targeted participants in very simple manner with practical example.
  • The applicants should have relevant academic background and demonstrating strong experience on GESI training facilitation.
  • Excellent report writing skills in English.

TO APPLY: Interested Nepalese nationals can submit the following documents to with the subject “Consultant – To provide Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Training” in the subject line. Application closes on 29 July 2021.

  • A resume/CV outlining relevant experience and work references
  • An expression of interest, stating suitability for the assignment, with one or more samples of previous work.
  • A proposal that includes:

    • Brief concept note outlining tentative work plan for assignment with the cost estimate.
    • Financial proposal for the piece of work proposed in the TOR with evidence to support the proposal.
  • PAN and/or VAT registration required. For firms, latest tax clearance certificate and company registration is mandated.

All employees and consultants must adhere to USAID, UK Aid, and Winrock International's code of ethics, and specifically child safeguarding and trafficking in person provisions covered in the project agreement.


job description
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